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We use a large stump grinder which makes it much more affordable to remove the stumps from a large area. The job is determined by accessibility.It involves grinding the stump away well below the surface to stop the tree from re sprouting. In situations where buildings are nearby,it is advisable to remove the dead stumps before the termites move in.

Quick Points

  • Established in Darwin in 2003
  • Ocupational Health & Safety Assessments
  • Corporates, Councils, Developers & Private
  • Many Satisfied Customers
  • Servicing Top End of Australia
  • Clear & Mulch Mass Land Areas

Our Services

  • Land & Forest Clearing
  • Double Grinding (regrinding into saleable product)
  • Forest Mowing & Garden Mulch
  • Stump Removal and/or Grinding
  • Timber Shearing & Mulch Cartage
  • Heavy Haulage of Materials

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Mobile: 0427 134 133

Phone: 0447 783 890

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